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Facility Maintenance Supervisor

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We are a company dedicated to quality and built on a strong foundation of family, community, long-term commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit. The Facility Maintenance Supervisor helps with ensuring that Thomson Health & Rehab is well maintained and provides residents and staff a comfortable and safe environment to live and work. The Facility Maintenance Supervisor adheres to our customer service philosophy by providing excellent customer service to Residents and their Families, and Team Members.

General Knowledge and Skill:

We seek a Facility Maintenance Supervisor who already has some degree of knowledge and skill listed on the Overview of Job Duties and is willing and capable of learning and/or improving as needed. A good candidate might be considered a “Jack of All Trades” – although probably better at some aspects than others.

Working with People:

A Long Term Care nursing facility has several departments that together deliver the care to the patients and their families. The largest is Nursing which comprises about half the total staff. Other departments are Dietary, Housekeeping, Laundry, Social Services, Activities, and Maintenance with Administration having oversight over all. There are major contractors like Therapy that are not employees but are in the building(s) much of the time and are an important part of the whole operation and as such seem like a department in a way.

Of course, all departments have to work together toward a common goal and it is vital that the maintenance department does its part. The leadership and cooperation of the maintenance assistant is an essential part of that process. The maintenance assistant has the responsibility of managing two or more other maintenance staff as well as to coordinate various vendors or contractors. This takes a degree of interpersonal skills while simultaneously keeping everyone working toward the same ultimate goal.

Regulatory Compliance:

Long-Term Care facilities are highly regulated by various Federal, State, and local governments. Usually, these various entities have their own areas of regulatory oversight but there is sometimes some overlap. Fire codes as defined by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and disaster preparedness are of major importance. Some of the rules and regulations may seem to be mainly aimed at clinical issues but the maintenance department still has a part to play in successful compliance.

Overview of Job Duties

Knowledge & Skills:

v  Commercial/Industrial equipment: HVAC, Kitchen, Laundry, Low voltage - Fire Alarm, phone, nurse call, cable TV, computer;

v  Construction: Roof, wall, floor, doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, etc.;

v  Preventative maintenance: maintain records, schedule, etc. via computer;

v  Property: manage contractors;

v  Working with People:

v  Working with other departments/part of facility TEAM

v  Regulatory Compliance:

v  Fire codes (mainly State Fire Marshall);

v  Sanitation;

v  State/Federal clinical regulations (awareness);



v  Valid driver's license with no significant violations;

v  Must meet all health requirements, including TB and drug screen;

v  Must pass a criminal background check;

v  Must pass pre-employment assessments;


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EOE/D/V/M/F -- Drug-Free Workplace